Escape Me



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Hello, happy holidays for everyone, and since easter is arround the corner im gonna show you this beautiful table that has a great customizable menu from Aprhodite Shop, it’s really cute and even romantic, to spend easter with that person you love in this wonderful world that is secondlife, you can go and grab one and spend this important day with the one you love the most in your yard or in your house, kisses.


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Hi girls, today im bringing you 2 news that im sure you’d love, first is that the Big Boobies Show Fair is opening oon where you’ll find a lot of sexy clothing, and there are goona be some nice and well known designers, here is the LM so you can go and visit as soon as it opens. The second notice is that the new pants from JP which has a menu here you can do some customizations for the belt. it is well done and its worth to have it i like it, here is the LM ([ JP ]:dsg.) so you can go and grab one, have fun with your shopping kisses.



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