Red Sexy Hottie

Hi girls this is a new item from Sourires, a sexy strapless top they’ve released last night, it comes in 8 different colors, and you can wear it without the bottom part too, you can grab it at their main store.

LM Main Store: SOURIRES*

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hi girls to finish this night i bring to you this skins of  AKERUKA  called Lisa, with 2 tones, tan and pale, it comes with hair bases, cleavage and 6 different beautiful lips versions, you have a lot from where to pick, i have this black jacket from the clothing desginer adelaide radikal  .::YoPulga::.  at her store u can find other colors of your preference, also these pants are an origianl content of BC, i put all this together with this top from admiral spicy and to finish this heels are in pink color and as a matter of fact !Admiral Spicy! have just released them, so girls i hope you enjoy this look.


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